Fees and Funding

We offer morning and/or afternoon sessions with optional breakfast, lunch and tea clubs for parents requiring a full day provision (8am-5pm).  We request that children attend a minimum of three sessions per week (morning and/or afternoon sessions) so that they feel happy and settled at nursery.

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Free Early Education (FEE)

All children are eligible to receive Free Early Education Funding the term after their third birthday. Children aged 3-5 are entitled to 570 hours of Free Early Education per year.  The Howard Nursery School is in receipt of Free Early Education and offers funded hours over the 38 term time weeks, i.e. for 15 hours per week. Funded sessions of 3 or 6 hours per day are available for the morning and/or the afternoon with meal clubs payable separately.  Parents can also choose to top up their sessions payable at the hourly rate.  

Free Early Education for Two Year Olds (FEET)

Some 2 year-olds in England are able to claim funding (up to 15 hours) for free early education. Each family will need to apply and is dependent on family circumstances. Please ask for further information.


Nursery fees are payable termly in advance by BACS and can be paid in two instalments; 50% on the first day of the first half-term and 50% on the first day of the second half-term.  Fees are calculated on the basis of the number of weeks and hours your child attends the nursery school. We are also registered to accept a number of Childcare voucher schemes.

Half a term’s notice should be given in writing to the nursery school on the first day of term if you wish for your child to leave the Nursery school. 

Please note there is no reduction in fees for absence due to holidays, bank holidays or sickness. NB: Fees may be charged per session for part-term attendance or when booking pattern changes have been made during the term.

Upon registration a non-refundable registration fee of £35 is payable for parents requiring a full or part day care provision or want to add additional sessions to their Free Entitlement Funding.