Howard of Effingham

Reduced Fees

Breaking News:  We have reduced our fees to only £6.25 per hour!

In response to the difficult financial situation many people are now finding themselves in after Covid-19, we have reviewed our pricing and taken the decision to reduce our rates to only £6.25 per hour.  Please contact The Howard Nursery on 01372 453832 or email for details.  We are pleased to be able to offer this reduced rate as we believe good quality Early Years Education should be available for all children under the age of 5.  Research shows access to good quality Early Education provides long term benefits that lasts well into adult life, as well as providing excellent preparation for starting school.


The Howard Nursery School offers weekly Forest School sessions lead by a qualified Forest School Leader.  The children enjoy the benefits of learning outdoors using natural resources and exploring the world around them, deepening their understanding of the world, whilst developing vital physical skills such as strengthening muscles in preparation for learning to write at school.  Forest School sessions are held at St Lawrence Primary School.  This weekly link provides more opportunities for the children to become familiar with the surroundings of St Lawrence which helps to make the transition to the school smoother and more successful for the children who move up to St Lawrence.


The Howard Nursery School is also offering an introduction to the Spanish language for 3 and 4 year olds attending on a Friday.  An introduction to a different language opens young children's ears to different sounds as well as the understanding that different countries speak different languages.  


The Howard Nursery School benefits from a large outdoor garden which the children have continuous access to.  The children experience all seven areas of learning both indoors and out.  In addition to the large garden, The Howard Nursery School also enjoys access to the facilities offered by The Howard of Effingham school including the tennis courts, the extensive field and the large school hall.  As part of our focus on children's mental health and well-being, The Howard Nursery School is able to take the children on a daily 'Well-being Walk' on the field where the children can benefit from all that nature has to offer.  Access to all these extra facilities offers young children a unique Early Years experience at The Howard Nursery School.


If you would like further information about The Howard Nursery School please call 01372 453832 or email