Howard of Effingham


We are proud that The Howard Nursery was visited by Ofsted in April 2019 and highlighted that we provide a 'Good' Nursery provision.

Ofsted said:

Staff know children well and have a secure understanding of their individual needs and interests. Children thoroughly enjoy their time at the setting and are making good progress.

Managers and staff work collaboratively with teachers to ensure children's moves are seamless.

Children have constant access to the outdoor area. This enables them to make independent decisions about where their learning takes place and successfully supports those who choose to be active.

Children feel safe and emotionally secure. Staff are positive role models.

Children have an abundance of opportunities to be physically active. For example, they balance on beams, learn to negotiate space while using ride-on toys and chase their friends with wands during imaginary play.

All children, including those with SEND, make consistently good progress in preparation for future learning.

You can read the full report here.


The Howard Nursery was previously visited by Ofsted in May 2016 and judged 'Good'

Ofsted said:

Staff consistently set good examples to children and help them to behave positively.

Children behave well, use good manners and learn to share and play cooperatively.

Children are happy and gain confidence because they feel safe and secure.

Children have many opportunities to build on their physical skills and enjoy regular exercise. Children quickly make friends and enjoy interacting with others.