Howard of Effingham

Parent's Voice

Parent's play a vital role in their child's Early Education.  At The Howard Nursery School we value parents and believe in the importance of working in partnership.  Here a some of the comments we have received from our nursery parents:

"So happy with the nursery - would recommend to everyone!"

"Always a friendly welcome."

"Howard Nursery were/are incredibly supportive..."

"Lovely freindly staff. Happy children."

"Really happy with the nursery."

"Thank you for all your hard work!"

"fantastic service, love and care.."

Here is a blog from a parent:

My son started at the Howard Nursery just one month after he turned 2. This was the first time he was left with anyone who wasn’t either myself or Nanny and Grandad. The fear, dread, nerves, worry were completely overwhelming. Would he be okay? Can I leave him with people I don’t know? Is this the best nursery for him? These were just some of my thoughts at the time. As soon as I set foot in the nursery and met with the staff, I was completely certain this was where he should go. The staff were lovely, knowledgeable, fully understood my personal circumstances and were very accommodating to what I needed childcare wise. At the time my son wasn’t talking at all. This was also a huge concern for me. Would he be able to communicate with staff - I understand what he needed but would they? I have to say they did wonders for him in such a short space of time. They taught him sign language and shortly after that he was talking away…..non-stop….now there is no off button for him!

The first few weeks were tough at drop off, there were tears, he didn’t like me walking out the door and every morning I would phone the nursery within 10 minutes to check he was okay and I could hear him in the background laughing away, crocodile tears is all it was to make mum guilt even worse. I had complete guidance and support through the potty training phase, knowledge that each phase of his growth is completely ‘normal’ and support in anything I need guidance with for him.

Fast forward to his 2nd year there now and he is a different child. He runs in through the door, barely looking back to say Good-Bye to me. He chats about each of the staff in great excitement. He loves Forest School as part of their weekly structure. The staff are not just teachers who I have no idea who they are, they let me chat away at collection and drop-off, they have become my weekday friendly faces and I absolutely couldn’t have a child to be more proud of if it wasn’t for their time and effort with my son. The garden is used all the time unless severe weather disrupts this and is a massive part to my son’s enjoyment here, he has made incredible friends and understands the routines and what is expected from him.

To think in one year my son will be moving on to ‘Big School’ is enough for me to find a time machine and make it all stop. The Howard Nursery is my absolutely safety net for my son, the staff are familiar, I know that they know my son on such a personal level and they understand him as if he was their own child. He absolutely loves it here and I couldn’t praise them enough.

There are sports days, Christmas concerts and an open-door policy at any time for any questions that may arise from both parties. They have ‘parent’s evenings’ where you can go along and be told about how what they do helps with the children’s learning and have a better understanding of what the children do on a daily basis.

 I have a son who is polite, thoughtful, caring and kind, this isn’t just my parenting at home that has moulded my son, this is with thanks to the staff and ethics of this nursery. I have a great group of ‘Nursery Parent’ friends who are a huge part of my life now. To say I am sad at the thought of my son leaving here is an understatement and I absolutely couldn’t recommend this nursery more to anyone.


Miss Lawrence